Yes, just like software.

You know when you go off on a tangent, write a nice clever subroutine, and then discover that the code that uses it is badly wrong, but you still have to admire the subroutine, so you stash it away somewhere and hope someday it will prove worthy of use. Well, we got those in trash hacking too. Usually it's just when you discover a couple of common items fit nice and snugly.

The connector here is a full-size din.

The white thing here is a particular type of ballpoint pen and the nuts are the ones on the sides of a PC serial or parallel port, or standoffs for motherboards. Sorry the photo isn't clear on that:

Oh, and if you end up hacking into any soda bottles, save the bottom. They make good parts bowls.

...many more to come.

What I put on these pages are just the easy hacks that really worked out. I've made a lot of wrong turns (usually when I forget to be as lazy as humanly possible) and have a good number of neat tricks queued up to be photographed. Stay tuned.