Primarily for Debian developer use:

These are observations on installing Debian on the HP 715/64 platform. Most items noted here will likely be fixed in future versions of the debian-installer and not be a problem.

The atftpd package is incompatible with the PDC bootp client, resulting in timeouts and errors. I tried both with default options and with --retry-timeout 15 --notimeout with the same results. The vanilla tftpd package works fine. At the time I tested tftpd-hpa was broken due to GID problems for which there was an open bug report, so it was not tried.

The plaform used was a 715/64 with 32M of RAM, so the installer was running in low-memory mode. At first I was using installer image 20040801. Then I was told that even though this image is what is under testing's "current" symlink that it was junk and I should use the newest, so I got that from here, filesize 12081152, link dated 15-Sep-2004 01:17. This had all the same problems. I'm told people using a CD ISO between the versions I tried didn't have any major issues, so the problem is likely specific to the network boot image.

Results and comments

During the first install attempt I intentionally forgot to create a palo partition because I was interested in seeing how this was handled by the installer. Overall, the solution chosen was good -- it warns about not having a palo partition when the user finishes and lets them reenter parted. However, the installer is quite slow and some prior warning to help them get it right the first time through would probably improve the user experience.

Here are some suggestions for that and other minor items:

General (non-HP) comments