The CD Turbine

This is fantastically easy: it only took me a few tie-wraps and scrap compact disks to make a little mini-turbine for playing around with wind power. Not much to explain that the pictures don't convey, precisely showing the positions of the tie wraps and how much leftover wrap is clipped off, which was important to get the "blades" to sit right.

I can add as many disks as I like, for aesthetics, but two are plenty for getting a good fast spin going. More make it slow down a bit. With only two, though, the extra tie wraps on the center disk are needed for mounting purposes -- least three are needed to put a pressure plate onto.

Safety note: This is not a toy. OK, well, so it is -- a dangerous one. It can go really fast even when driven from just a house fan on medium, so be careful with it -- probably not suited for ground-level lawn ornaments unless you really detest cats. Also I'm sure drivers would appreciate it if people didn't put them where the reflections can shine in their eyes.

Coming Soon

What to do with it. Other than using it as a lawn ornament, for which it is quite pretty and makes a nice rainbow pattern when spun.

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